I’ve had this blog for a little more than 6 months, and I’ve already gotten more than a thousand lovely followers. I feel like this milestone calls for some celebration. (also because I might change my URL soon because my Star Trek feels have died down a bit since I’ve had spocklings)

So, to thank you all for sticking with me, whether you’ve been here since my first day as b-enedict-c-umberbatch or you’ve just found me today or whether you’re a part of all the fandoms I blog about or not, I’ve made a list of blogs that I hold near and dear to my heart. I don’t like shining a spotlight onto blogs that I think are better than others or that I talk to more or that are my Tumblr crushes. It doesn’t feel right to me; it’s almost unfair. So, I just want you to know that I love all of them equally. And, of course, this list isn’t a complete list. There are plenty of blogs out there that I don’t know of and haven’t followed yet or haven’t followed long enough yet. To those I missed, don’t worry. I’ll definitely get you the next time. :] Oh and if a link doesn’t work or something, please let me know so I can fix it.

Now, by all means, do go and follow check out all these wonderful blogs. ^^

*SIDE NOTE: most of these blogs are multi-fandom. so I, unfortunately, can’t group them into fandom sections. :| and I am shamelessly promoting my IRL friends’ blogs (because they’re my irl friends and i love them so) by adding a ’ next to their urls. oh, and I’ve left out the dashes that are in the middle of urls because they tend to ruin everything. (them pesky little buggers).


ainiente` || aiishere` || alakazamjackass || allhailqueenmycroft || amoktimes || amindobsessedbytennant || anothermindpalace || avengingerebor || bbcsherlockftw || benebatch || caitlinisnthere || coolhedgehogbro` || consultingflatmates || creaturebatch || cutiebatch || dartmoors || davidtennantslittlefangirl || deareje || deerstalking || deusholmes || doctorwho || doomslock


enerjax || euclase || expelliarmus || fishingboatproceeds || geothebio || grahamly || hanniballecters || hannibalscannibals || herrholmes || hiddlestoninthetardis || hisimages || holmsalone || hookedonthejollyroger || iamboredletsshootthewall || ineffableboyfriends || iwillwalkoveryourcoldcorpses


jackharperr || jetstreak || johnharrisons || kirkout || kirkspock || kirkspocks || ladyhiddles || lecterh || lestrade || lindamarieanson || loki || lokiofasgard || lokisarmyat221b || londonphile || lordkirk || lordspock || martincrief || moriarty | mostlyloki || mrssylargray ||  nbchannibal || pages394 || perpetualmotionmachine


rawrlsy` || rebelsguns` || ratweddingbow || rheagars || ruinedhipsterposts || sallydonovan || sanctifiedandfree` || sawboning || sher || sherleck || sherlockbbc || sherlockbbcgraphics || sherlockianfeels || sherlockisthebest || sherlockology || sherlockseesthrougheverything || sherlockspeare || sherlockstuff || shockingblankets || shylocks || sweetmotherofsleipnir


tasteofhiddles || tendervillain || thedoctorlek || thegoddess0fmischief || theycallmelove` || thorlokid | threepatchproblem | thylaa || tomhiddlestongifs || tonystaarks || trekyourself || warpfactors || watsonista || watsonly || willgram || wintermindpalace || 5pips

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